BITB Policy

How we protect your privacy and other working relationships.

BITB Lawn And Tree Policies

You agree to this policy whenever you visit this website or use any BITB services.

How We Protect Your Privacy

We do not intentionally collect any personal information from you that you are not aware of before hand. If you give us personal information, such as phone number, email and home address, we only use it to help us serve you more responsibly. We do not share, sell, or give any information to anyone else.

Personal Information That We Collect

The personal information that you share with us is stored in our files or email account on our computer. We only use that information to better serve you. Our browser might capture some of your data in the form of cookies, but we do not intentionally collect it and store it ourselves.

Our Website Updates

We intend to keep our website up to date with the latest information regarding lawn and tree care. If some of the information becomes outdated, please notify us about your concerns.

Setting Schedules With BITB

If you use our website to schedule a lawn service for a certain date and then not be present for us to perform the scheduled work, you will be subject to a Schedule Fee. 

Subscribing To BITB Notices

If you subscribe to BITB Notices and happen to miss a promotion or sale, you will not hold BITB Lawn And Tree responsible or receive a reimbursement.

Using BITB Promotions

BITB Promotions may be offered by email, website, or flyer and extend only through certain time frames. An outdated promotion will not be honored by BITB.

BITB Work Ethics

BITB Lawn And Tree promises to conduct all of its business with discretion and honesty when any of its employees or representatives perform any work, make promises, or share information. We ask that our clients do the same. We have the right to refuse business to anyone.

BITB Guarantee

You have our guarantee that we will perform the job to your satisfaction.

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BITB makes suggestions based upon things as soil type and location of your property and provides professional advice for proper lawn care. We not only work for you, but with you, helping you care for and beautify your yard, adding value to your overall home and property.

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