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Front yard hedge and bedding

Tarrant County is 897 square miles. BITB is making it beautiful, one yard at a time.

BITB Lawn and Tree Service

BITB was started in 2014 before Dre (Alandre Harris, Owner and Founder) graduated from high school. During that time, some of Dre’s clients dubbed him as “Best in the Business” and it has stayed with him and his business ever since.

More About BITB

Business Name

BITB stands for “Best In The Business” which was a compliment given to Alandre Harris when he first started doing lawn care services. He always enjoyed the outdoors and his work ethics led him to do what he enjoys the most: working in the open air.

Business Type

BITB Lawn And Tree is organized as a sole-proprietorship with Alandre Harris as its legal owner.

Work Ethics

Dre has strong work ethics and values. He is known to be dependable and fair in both his personal and business dealings. Dre promises to do professional work on any size job and can give professional references upon request.

Personal Philosophy

Dre believes the property owner knows what he or she wants. He likes to meet with the owners and responsible parties to discuss what it takes to accomplish the desired job.

Service Pricing

Dre is conscientious about costs: his and yours. He likes to interview with the property owner to get an understanding of the work to be completed and then establish agreed upon pricing. For general mowing, BITB is known to have average pricing for Tarrant County.

Maintenance Programs

BITB offers long and/or short term maintenance programs which can save you money on your overall lawn care needs.

Let’s Build Your Dream Yard Together

BITB makes suggestions based upon things as soil type and location of your property and provides professional advice for proper lawn care. We not only work for you, but with you, helping you care for and beautify your yard, adding value to your overall home and property.

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817-350-7084 You can call or text. We will answer as soon as we can.

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DRE@BITBDRE.COM You can feel free to email us or use our Contact Form. We will receive both.


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