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Lawn Services

Our lawn services are designed to make your yard a more enjoyable place to see and be.

BITB List of Lawn Services

This list shows our most common yard and lawn services. If you don’t see a service you need, please contact us.

  • Mow grass: front, back and/or sides
  • Water lawn: correctly and scheduled
  • Edge boundaries: walks, drives, trees, etc.
  • Feed lawn: seasonal fertilizers
  • Prune: trim and shape hedges
  • Flower bedding: proper preparation
  • Weeding: pull, weed-eat, or spot treat
  • Treat lawn: proper pesticide for insects
  • Clean yard: remove leaves and/or rubbish
  • Bag: contain leaves and rubbish for removal
  • Haul-away: remove rubbish from premises
Maintenance Programs

We have several maintenance programs that are designed to save you money on your lawn needs.

Call or Text Dre at 817-350-7084 for details.

Scheduled Appointments

If you have a scheduled appointment for work in your backyard and know you are going to be absent, please besure all pets are properly contained and the backyard gate is unlocked.

Making Payments for Service

We do our best to make paying for BITB services easy.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. And you can pay online with PayPal or scan our barcode.

Our Yard and Lawn Photos

Here is some of our yard work. Each photo is a combination showing BEFORE and AFTER of the project.

Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB
Yard work by BITB

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817-350-7084 You can call or text. We will answer as soon as we can.

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DRE@BITBDRE.COM You can feel free to email us or use our Contact Form. We will receive both.


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